We have a new web site for the Princeton Traditional Music Festival. Have a look – and please remember to bookmark it. The site also offers quick links to the forum and a list of this year’s performers. The festival is still a work in progress and we don’t have the final list yet, so please check the above links for updates.

Our New Forum

We now have a forum. It is called Princeton Traditional and you can find it here:


This will allow us, and anyone interested in what we do, to easily find relevant information, post ideas, and communicate with each other. For the Princeton Traditional Music Festival, performers can post questions and discuss details more easily than on this blog. Things like ride sharing and accommodation can also be discussed, and this includes the interests of non-performers as well. People who simply like traditional music will find this a good place to participate. The hope is that the forum will nourish the community around the festival in particular, and traditional music in general.

The forum format has additional advantages. Performers can post pictures of their group, or announce their media offerings. Upcoming gigs or other events can also be advertised and I encourage you to take advantage of this. There is a section specifically for the Traditional Music Society which is suitable for posting research, songs, history, and relevant ideas. There is also an all inclusive, general music section, as well as a place for just plain socializing where anything goes. As time goes by, and the need arises, other sections can be added. Feel free to offer suggestions.

The Princeton Traditional forums are hosted and administered by me, Ole Juul, and I will do my best to facilitate people’s needs. Feel free to ask for help in posting pictures and links, or whatever problem you may encounter. I’m very friendly to tehcnophobes and “newbies”, so please don’t hesitate.

The software used is deliberately simple and low on features. This ensures speed and stability. My idea of a forum is that it should not be a technological fashion statement that someone with an old computer may not be able to access. Rather, it should focus on people and communication.

Anyone on the net can access the forum and read the postings. However, in order to post a message it is necessary to register. All it takes is to click the “register” button, put in your name, a valid e-mail address, and whatever password you want to use. When you are logged in you will also be able to send e-mail to other members while keeping the e-mail addresses private. This can be handy for allowing people to contact you without making your address public. Of course the traditional forum internal personal message system (called PM) can also be used among members.

The forum has just been put on-line so there are not many postings yet. Please take the time to share your comment, announcement, or observation, so we can get this valuable resource going.

Regards, Ole

Visit the Forum Index or register now.

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